Foursquare, Facebook, Gowalla, … what comes next? LOCO..!?

You may have heard this lots of times before; ‘I read a book and this changed my life!’ Yeah that may be a cliche saying, however something similar happens to me often in my life journey, not only from books though!

It doesn’t change life completely but better happens, it inspires big time and maybe it also reveals what has been there already. It is like having little sparkle then this frees huge light out of your mind, which you’ve been collecting/harvesting for a long time.

Books about Rumi, Shams and Musashi is what I’m talking about this time. The water-like purity & simplicity helped to free up my mind, letting everything go out freely, passionately joining the sea of inspiration.
Step by step, no linearity but yes harmonic chaos, things keeps moving around continuously.

As per the title, lets go back to the main topic of this post…
I’m one of the heavy users of social networks (SNs), mostly Foursquare and Facebook Places, I like the idea of sharing location. Since the first day I’ve been using Foursquare, I always felt something was missing in those services but couldn’t describe it till recent magic happening…

This playground has already lots of players and ideas, it looks like a glass with full of water, one more drop will flood all! Question is what can be added on top of it, smt very light and tiny without flooding the water in this glass.

Given that the best way to learn is to try!
I did implement several fun apps for these SNs; check-in and auto-checkin apps, easy browsing etc etc. all of them are live on Android market & Amazon AppStore (just search for WareNinja)…
Of course those were not killer ideas, all was some kinda repeating the well-known stuff. Nothing wrong with repeating what is there already, making it more usable and practicing kung-fu! oh no just kidding, no kung-fu😀

Practice leads to new ideas, even if the topics you practice are already done and well-known, it is always good (even the best!) to learn by trying. What you gain is knowledge & confidence, then this triggers creativity which inevitably leads to the light of new ideas…

Then magic happens..! Mind plays games and comes up with some fun & exciting idea on top of well-known playground…

Thats the point where LOCO comes in to play! LOCO -> Socializing Locations..!

I already shared some hints on twitter etc (see: ).
Yes! we are working on something really fun and exciting, it will take us some more time to get it ready for ‘beta go live’ stage, but again it is really fun & exciting idea!

The style we follow is very simple;

  • start with an idea and be clear about your target
  • doNOT document every spec, no need to plan every step ahead
  • BUT write down key use-cases, the exciting shiny glory ones are enough
  • be flexible (agile not fragile), keep your hands dirty
  • Shape/change/jump while developing it
  • Apply NINJA style!

Will LOCO be the next level of social locations? Why not, we shall find out sooner than later…

Is this our target to be the next level? Nooooo, we just wanna have fun and share with everyone..!

The most important part of this journey is the fun & joyful flavor of it, and we definitely believe that LOCO will be  everywhere & nowhere so quick spinning our heads😉

Target is clear, passion and fun are in place, we like and believe in the idea!
So what comes next? Keep moving joyfully by embracing the uncertainty…

Ok ok let me give one more hint about LOCO, here comes a nice description I really like;
“VOID: the things that are present thru their absence…”
Yeah, LOCO will bring on VOID state to this playground..!

Keep an eye on this blog and you better subscribe on

p.s. Happy Easter to everyone!

Till next post, smile and enjoy the spring time…

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