Why eLOCO.me ?!

I’ve been disconnected recently,  caused by a transition period;
relocating to another country, joining new team, etc etc… Of course that’s not an excuse but a reason…

In any case, we have delivered eLOCO (as promised & dreamed about!)
and it is LIVE both on Android Market & Amazon AppStore..!
(app links are below, keep reading with patience plz)

This post aims to give you heads up about eLOCO & its fun ground…

Lets begin with a fun ad, which is made out of an inspiration from my last vacation😉

-> What is eLOCO?

Simply it is “The fun way to discover interesting LOCOs..!”
We use ‘LOCO’ as the name of any location/geopoint.
LOCO as a word means ‘crazy’ in Spanish language, and when you say ‘e LOCO me’, the sound resembles the meaning of ‘and crazy me’  The idea & service has been developed by a small team of passionate entrepreneurs under WareNinja.

-> Why eLOCO.me ?
Facebook is about ‘what you do here’, Twitter is about ‘how you do here’, Foursquare is about ‘where you are’
eLOCO is about ‘WHY you are there’..!

If you read about the 5 elements of life, you will see that VOID state plays the most important role. As sincere and passionate player, eLOCO definitely aims to be the VOID state of social locations arena..!
Here comes a fun picture summarizing this arena😉

-> How does eLOCO work?

It is open community service which lets you tag ANY geopoint as per your interest. We aim to turn things upside down by redefining classical descriptions of social locations arena..!
For example;
POI means Point-of-Interest in classical world, however eLOCO re-defines this as Interesting POint to give full freedom to everyone! If you are at that location, this makes it interesting enough
You can tag & share & discover any LOCO mainly to please this question “Why you are there?“

-> How can I download eLOCO client(s)?

just search for ‘eLOCO’ and/or ‘WareNinja’ on Android Market & Amazon AppStore.
or point your QR code reader to the app page on our website eLOCO.me

Key features:

  •    Tag any LOCO (geopoint/location)
  •    Find Interesting LOCOs
  •    Discover & share LOCOs
  •    Fun to use Map Browser
  •    Facebook integration

-> How can I help?

We believe that “real user feedback is the key for success!”.
Therefore, please share your comments, feedback, suggestions… share, write, scream, shout, jump around..!
Ah btw, developers are the most welcome to join our hackathons, we can provide early access to our API too.

Contact & Follow:

Try eLOCO, spread the fun & keep smiling:-)

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