YOGURT for Agile Development

This notebook (that’s better than naming it a book) will not give you the ultimate answer to the meaning of Agile/Lean development, neither to life (the answer is surely 42!), but again, finding the ultimate answer is not in scope of that notebook, I doubt the existence of ultimate answer to 
any question though…

My intention is neither to provide any kind of ultimate 
recipe, nor anything like how-to build better teams in 8 steps..!
On the contrary, all sections are written with passion just for the sake of sharing knowledge and my humble experiences.

Now Available on Amazon Kindle for price of one beer! Prime members can borrow for free.

Amazon Kindle Preview

We will enjoy the ride with flavor of Yogurt here and there, talking about this and that… sharply in 8 sections;

  1. People Development
  2. Agile – Sharp – Transparent
  3. What – Why – How
  4. Work is Fun
  5. Flow
  6. Harmony in Chaos
  8. the WareNINJA Test

Einstein said well; everybody is a genius! 
Surely you have the skills, vision and passion to do things in your genuine way… 
just believe in yourself and better begin, 
sooner than later, right now..!

Enjoy the ride and keep smiling:-)


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5 responses to “YOGURT for Agile Development

  1. magnemg

    This blogpost and the preview on amazon doesn’t really give an impression of what’s in the book. I am wondering, is it worth buying and/or reading or not. I’d advice giving atleast one golden nugget from the book for free, so people can see what they can expect.

  2. @magnemg: Thanks for your feedback. I see your point, thereby I just added direct link to Kindle preview sample.

    Hmm well, not much I can say about the value of this notebook…
    It is price of “one beer”, you never know how beer tastes without trying it:-)

    • magnemg

      I was making the point that the Amazon’s (kindle) preview isn’t very helpful either. It only has one page from the introduction in addition to the info already in this blog post.
      Could you tell Amazon to include a bit more pages in the preview, please? :-)

  3. point taken, not much can be done though…

    I like this example, let me share a bit;
    Germany has 100s of breweries, unique flavors, plenty of options. As a beer drinker and fan; when I travel to any part of it, I would try different recipes all the time. The taste is sometimes bad sometimes good, but the best part is the process of trying and experimenting.
    Well, in the end, it is all about perception!

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